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Planners, Notebooks & Journals

Map your goals and achieve your dreams using planners, notebooks, and journals. These tools allow you to create structure in your life (which helps achieve your dreams). Not to mention, you can doodle and be creative, too—all in one place!

Swiss Bound Notebooks

Swiss-bound notebooks are the perfect companion for travelers, designers, and professionals. This premium, cleverly designed notebook stays perfectly flat while writing. This design lets you focus on writing rather than wrestling with the pages. We give this notebook 5-stars and consider it one of the best notebooks around!

Greeting Cards & Gift Wrap

Sending a gift is about so much more than ensuring the element of surprise. Using decorative papers, ribbons, and trims makes your dear friends and loved ones feel even more special. Gift wrap adds a beautiful personal touch to gift-giving—let them know you put your heart into every step.

Shop Stationery

Celebrate the art of letter writing with our stationery. Writing a love letter or friendly note has always been a memorable gesture, but in this day of email, social media, and other impersonal communication, they are even more special. And let’s face it—we could all use more romance! ❤️

Handmade Paper Cards

Gorgeous cards made from paper produced from recycled textiles from the garment industry.

Inspirational Ideas

Shop our hand-curated set of wrapping papers, online greeting cards, and ribbon suggestions.

Abstract Pattern Greeting Cards and Gift Wrap
Abstract Pattern Stationery
Diamond Pattern Stationery and Gift Wrap
Diamond Pattern Stationery
Round Pattern Greeting Cards and Gift Wrap
Round Pattern Stationery
Floral Print Greeting Cards and Gift Wrap
Floral Print Stationery
Art Deco Greeting Cards and Gift Wrap
Art Deco Stationery

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Greeting Cards, Gift Wraps, Notebooks, and more!

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Gift Wrap
Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards
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